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Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

…You’re Overeating Healthy Food.

Have you ever seen those delicious smoothie bowls on Pinterest or Instagram? Looked on in awe as someone ate a whole avocado or half a bag of almonds because they’re eating ‘clean?’ it’s super important to eat healthy food from a spread of sources, including foods rich in fats. However, it’s very easy to overdo it, especially once we are fixated on ‘eating clean.’

…You’re Drinking Your Calories.

I know, it’s criminal. Wine, mocha fraps, smoothies. Regular pop. Coffee with creamer. It all adds up. for a few folks, it’s all we’ve ever known. For others, we are straight-up hooked into coffee or pop and you’ll pry it out of our cold dead hands.
What to try to instead: Start making swaps for lower-calorie options. Some people don’t like aspartame, et al. swear by diet pop. An option might be to use something sort of a soda stream. Gradually switch your creamer to exploit or nondairy almond milk, or maybe drinking it black! Try sugar-free and fat-free versions of your favorite drinks at the cafe. And if it’s calories- you continue to need to measure it as a part of your daily calorie intake.
I like these sugar free Torani syrups for my coffee- makes them a bit like Starbucks!

…You’re Not Drinking Enough Water.

I think some people definitely go overboard with the water drinking, but it’s quite essential to life, so perhaps they’re on to something. beverage is one among the simplest ways you’ll create and stick with a habit. Anecdotally, things move tons easier on a diet if you’re drinking many water. Plus, water can help increase feelings of satiety, or making yourself feel full.
What to try to to instead: Drink more water! There are plenty of ways to include more water into your life. I attempt to drink a 12oz glass as soon as I awaken and before i’m going to bed. I keep a Contigo chrome steel bottle at my desk and check out to drink a full bottle within the morning, during my lunch, and within the afternoon. i’m a touch of a coffee fanatic, so I even have to offset that somehow, right?

…10,000 Steps Aren’t Enough.

If you aren’t new to the Fitbit train, you’re probably aiming for your 10k steps each day. Don’t get me wrong, walking that much is certainly a step in the right direction. If nothing else it adds to our ‘getting around town’ calories burned. to actually torch calories, though, you would like to up the ante.
What to try to instead: Try finding new activities that keep you moving. Try a dance class, an additional walk on hilly terrain, or join a sport. Keep meeting and exceeding your goals
There are numerous smartwatches out there. I’ve had a Fitbit on and off for the last ten years, and that I have stayed pretty loyal- Last year, I got the Fitbit Versa. I really like it!

…You’re Not Resistance Training.

Cardio is great. Honestly. Cardiovascular health is a crucial neighborhood of overall health… but it’s just a part. Once you step off the treadmill, your calorie burn diminishes rapidly to your regular rate. once you incorporate HIIT training or resistance training, your body burns calories well after your workout has finished. Read this great article at Nerd Fitness for more information! once you have more muscle, your body expends more calories to stay your body running. More muscle means more calories burned at rest! Get svelte while you sleep? Sign me up.
What to try to instead: There are many resources for starting a resistance educational program. Whether you’re starting at bodyweight exercises like pushups and squats, or moving onto lifting weights, there’s something for you. an excellent place to start out is that the Nike Training App for weight and lighter weight exercises, and powerful if you’re ready for a few irons. I’ve used both at different times in my life and still return to them from time to time.

…You’re Not Sleeping Enough.

With an outsized amount of|such a lot of”> numerous demands on our time and weight loss becoming a large time sink of its own, how are you alleged to find the time to sleep? It’s hard enough carving out time to travel to the gym, meal prep, do laundry, cook supper, keep small humans alive, and attend work. Now you’re expected to sleep, too? Yes! Your body repairs itself while you sleep. Calorie reduction and hard workouts can take their toll on you, and sleep is your first line of defense.
What to try to instead: Find a sleep schedule that works for you and stick with it. It’s tough, especially with all of the screen time we subject ourselves to daily. If you’re anything like me, 12 hours minimum of my day is spent watching a screen because of a desk job. Everyone needs different amounts of sleep- some get by on six while others need nine. Try journaling and practicing good sleep hygiene to seek out what works for you.

…You’re Not Weighing And Measuring Your Food.

It isn’t enough to read the label and hope that 11 chips equal 65g. Even between measuring cups and spoons, there is often a difference between measurements. a couple of grams here, and a couple of milliliters there, and over time you’ll sabotage your diet.
What to try to instead: Invest during a food scale. It is often annoying and tedious initially, but once it becomes a habit it’s a habit . I exploit a comparatively cheap scale from Amazon Basics, and it’s excellent! There are certainly other options out there, both in terms of cost and features.

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